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We Wish to be Kings not Free

London Bridge is a symbol for societal collapse and is famous for the Rhyme

We wish to be a king not free
of the autocrat or tyrant’s
immortal knee on our airway—
easier to be chained than change.

From the varmint to the largest
mammalian brute to walk on fours
the wants the same, to be apex
and not the helpless lowly prey.

The rabbit dreams of being man
with .410 shotgun in his hand,
to sneak and stalk its lucky prey
and feast like king for all its days.

No matter if it eats on lucky
rabbit feet to fill it stomachs dreams.

The bison imagine a time
when they are king among the beasts
and wield a mind like Oppenheimer
to make tremble the wolf in fleece.

The wolf in its woolly clothing
fears no bison or weapons reach.

We never dream to be set free
of jowls upon our throats, but each
is happy and content to plea
and wish of finer cloth and feasts.


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