The Sword That Cuts Down Scepter and State

When among men will come the cost of deeds?
what mad pursuit of silk and gold is this
that we, we happy breed of men have let
a scepter and the state dictate the way
in which we continue forward as men,
and what is it in the goldsmith’s practice
that has led us to let the loaning keep
that better part of us as Grecian Urns
and manor like mansions of little worth
to the suffering depth of ages thence
and surely ages since, if we don’t change.

So, Columbus is face down with the tea,
the youth is once again out in the streets
singing their goals in melodies we’ve heard
before the creditors loaned out our dreams,
but what matters if we fail to see past
the deep injustice weeping in the past.

© J.P.V.

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