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Appropriate Appointments

Appropriate Appointments – Original

When you are wrinkled with wrack and worry,
and all outside of the window whips by,
and you realize that you have arrived,
and nodding off think that you were cheated,
take down the degrees and pack up the wife
before the signing of the purchased R.V.

Forget the very strange,
no longer will you divide your workday
with minutes, hours, and plans of play.
You’ve earned this day, this blossoming, weak-kneed,
feeble, incontinent of dreams. Go now and play.

Go, now, and do what you have always wanted,
but please, if it does not tire you too much,
remember to tell the youth that nothing changes,
except the ease at which you walk. Try not
to nod and droop your head too much they’ll squawk
about your age and make appropriate appointments.

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