Mad Fowl

Sometimes, I think that I live out
of city lights and on the farm.
I mean, the chickens are out
and clucking about the house and yard,
I mean, the chickens are clucking
about men, make up, and the mad fowl
wild birds they say the neighbors are.
I try to keep to myself, now,
and stay down low in the parlor,
in hopes they wont find me lounging,
enjoying my seldom day off.
Let’s face it, I am kidding myself,
after twelve years you’d think I’d know.

Audio Version of Poem

This poem is rare within poetry that I have written, as it uses humor and tongue in cheek fun to spin itself. I have recently became aware of just how devoid poetry has become of humor. This poetic device at one point with the world of poetry was a huge part of the art, and sadly it has since faded from the spotlight, but when I went to write this I thought, hey there is nothing wrong with some fun. Now, that said, I love my wife and she means well but like it or not there are differences between women and men. I suspect these differences might always be a source of much enjoyment and frustration for the two. If you enjoyed this poem or any of my poetry please subscribe, comment, like, and remember if you’re not driving her mad, she’s probably driving you mad. Thanks for reading.

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