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I Looked for You

Blue ford station wagon poem

I looked for you
in places we used to go,
I returned, I had seen,
and was conquered.

I looked for you,
in station wagons and cars—
I stayed, I hoped,
and was overpowered.

I looked for you,
under cotton woods and the stars
I left, I wept
and was liberated.

We were all kids once, and had relationships, friends that we thought would never change under any circumstance. This poem is about just such a relationship. Growing up I had some friends that I was certain would always be there, and though we have ‘the standard’ social media connections, and have had them for years, we simply do not talk. That is a shame, but sometimes that is just the way it is. I am not usually a person that writes poetry about myself or things that are close to me, but when I do I try to make the poetry about more than simply my tiny insignificant world. Please enjoy this short poem about relationships that evaporate and what it can be like going back to find them. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy it. If you liked this piece of poetry please drop a comment, like, or even better subscribe.


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