I Was Sad to See You Go

Life is so short,
death is so long,
and happiness
is in between.
I laughed
and cried,
and I was there
when all the smiles
and all the days
led into night.
And I was sad
to see you go,
but go you did,
and I was caught
within my net
and failed to see
the ditch
below my feet
until it curved
in circles back
as sun to see
once more,
life is so short
with death encircled
and scribed beneath
our feet and heads
as gravestones lit
by mourning sun.

The above poem is about death and life. For those who are interested in the structure of poetry, It is generally made up of dimeter lines, (lines of poetry that only have two metrical feet) That means that each line has one unSTRESSED sylABLE followed by another. This meter was chosen by randomness, but I have tried to keep the shorter lines on the 2nd antithesis in lines 5 & 6. Antithesis is a poetic device where two things are the direct opposite of each other. The other shorter lines fall on or near turns in the poem. Obviously, the first two lines are also antithesis. The poem does not use many other devices until near the end where metaphor and a multiplicity of meaning coming into play in the last two lines. The word “mourning,” as used here is a homophone (a word that sounds like another one), which I have used to create multiple meanings. If you enjoyed this poem or any of my poetry don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for reading.

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