Car night headlight poem metaphor

The future is so far,
the destination further still,
and like headlights cast down the road
we go about our path
as dim-lit beams of happenstance,
consuming whatever is revealed.
Sure we can turn the car,
but headlights only shine so far,
and in the darkness we
grope and shudder at what’s beyond.

Whatever is behind the car
we see briefly though the mirror.
On all sides unknown dangers wait,
so we are careful where we steer.
This our automobile of fate
rolls only forward, without breaks.

I know that a lot of readers of poetry out there have at least some passing interest in writing it themselves, so from time to time, I am going to exchange this section down below from a description of the poem with a description about the poetic device(s) used within the poetry. This poem uses metaphor heavily, but not just metaphor, extended metaphor. This a device that I am fond of, but that does take some luck in the idea to make work. Another Poem I have listed that basically relies on only extended metaphor is the poem, ‘The Compass.’ Link below. This is a simple short poem, that doesn’t really rely on many poetic things like rhyming throughout its whole structure. Here, however, I have used rhyme on simply the words car/far in a hopes that this would be surprizing to the ear. Thanks for reading, and remember, if you liked this poem feel free to like, subcribe, or simply bookmark this blog if you are not yet sure of the road before you.

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