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Two Truths

Oh, Khafre would you tell the truth?
Was it you who removed Anubis
from the rough paws that soothed the world
when all lost souls would need the weighing scale.
Oh, Khafre how does your heart weigh today;
would you still chisel at the Jackal’s face
and try yourself in the Hall of Two Truths?
Oh, Khafre centuries erode the hips,
faceless Anubis cannot welcome the dead,
nor can the modern historian’s pen.
Today, the lies threaten more than the head,
as corrupt historians make case to government
and threaten our ability to see
and be made wise to the sleeping of truth
that’s been since Anubis’s nose was lost
to man’s ageless need to make himself God
or something like it within his lil’ field.

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