What Talent We Once Had

What talent we once had
What vengeance we once took
what labor we once made

There was once wondrous music here,
more than empty words and rhythms
a magic now so elusive
we long for the old American Pie,
before the music truly died.

Remember Lenon and his words,
how he sang so eloquently
‘that your still fucking peasants
as far as I can see,’
and dream of a time when Dylan
begged to not ‘block up the halls,’
or when ‘the words of prophets echoed
in song and not just the subway walls.

What talent we once had;
what music we have lost to greed.
The Tools and Rage Against The Machine
now drifting off to sleep
with what vengeance we once had
and the labor we once had made
to keep our freedom to think.

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