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Do not Fall For a Man Like Me

Do not fall for a man like me
I am not blind; I do not see.
I am the reason storms have names
for I will hit where Cupid aims,
and I will love with all my heart,
give to you my most secret part,
but being so I’ll change you more
than storm on sandy beach or shore,
and I will love your changing coast
as sailor does his loving host.

Perhaps, when I am old and mad,
I will double over the boat
and find myself lips deep afloat
within the spray and troublesome foam,
and then this man you shall know.
I will not leave because of wind;
a sailor seeks his like of kind
and triumphs within the storm,
and though he cannot see the form
which makes up the most painful waves,
he stays because he loves that which he braves.

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