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The Death of Bees

We witness now the death of buzzing bees,
the bloodbath human and the brood’s disease–
witnessed upon the earth, in wild and wood,
by man and woman innocent as Eve.

Blindly we busily behave as bees
and buzz about our hives in worried life
but healthy happy human bees we’re not;
we have given our hopes to borrowed things,
and taken what is not our right to take.
now the sound of buzzing life collapses
into a cacophony of blind bugs
begging for hope within their honeycombs.

2 thoughts on “The Death of Bees

  1. It is sad how we cause the death of so many things vital to our life on earth. You capture that sentiment very well, and I find it beautiful how you do it. We take until there is nothing left to take, and then we face the consequences. If there are no consequences, we move on until we face what will happen at our hand. So stirring how you depict this as well, I love how you compare the busyness of human life like bees in the hive; and then the distinction that we are not that way either, I thought that was really good.

    Honestly, I wish I could write like you! Your style is amazing.

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    1. I am glad that you enjoyed this poem. I am playing heavily with my style at this point due to the fact that I have not written in a year and still have much to learn until I get where I would like to be. I was also playing with the parallel of hive collapse and that of a collapsing society.

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