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Poets Bend Your Lines

  We poets do not live
within the confines of margins;
  poetry itself lives
within the line, the page, the blank,
  and it creates a space
for meaning palpable to bend.

2 thoughts on “Poets Bend Your Lines

  1. This is so true. I don’t believe there are confines either, they don’t exist. Yes, we can limit ourselves but that’s part of exploration in writing–and I experiment a lot with my style, tweaking it, bending it; that’s what poetry is and that’s how it continues to evolve beyond the page itself (or screen, but you get my point).

    Very beautifully written and true. There are many factors into what makes up a poem, and I agree meaning can be bent to how we see it with our perception and experiences. Quite well written! I enjoy reading your work, always.


    1. Thanks for your reading, Lucy. I am hinting at a few levels at which meaning can be added to a poem’s line breaks on top of that of the surface level. I actually prefer the typed as opposed to handwritten poetry due to the predictability of letter size and the fact that my handwriting is anything but suited for poetry. ; )

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