For Some

For some
razor wire fences ascend
as phoenixes from the ashes
of division;

For some,
razor wire fences descend
as the fallen cherubim
of division;

Long since
the first division of the war in heaven
we have fallen victim
to division.

Long since
the crown of thorns mocked him
we have taken reason
to divide

And built
razor wire fences around
as protection from the heathens
on the other side of the fence.

Long since
simple razor wire fences
were built into political prisons
for some,

We’ve built
new systems out of the pickets
and turned friends into heathens
and built empires on the premise
that we are better than them,
and it’s been long since
we have seen the carnage of this
on American soil

But billions
believe or are dissidents
and die every day as pawns
to a system that keeps
dividing up our arms
and tying up our hearts.

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