Blood as Wine

The king still sits on golden throne
drinking our blood as wine;
he needn’t skippers to sail the ocean’s tides,
he needs our hearts and minds.

Someone must stand and speak the truth
or all will lose their lives,
there’s some among you who are scared
but you cannot go and hide.

The king is ruled by the best of men
and kept in check by them,
but madness creeps into the crown
and cackles with its kin:

The pen, the laws, the shackles, the means
to which all suffering should end
now turned against the flock
to protect the thirstiest of men.

2 thoughts on “Blood as Wine

  1. Very beautifully, thoughtfully said, JP. How even the littlest slip of madness can collapse a kingdom and its society as well. This is exactly why we need people around to keep us and even leaders in check, otherwise we’d probably lose it. It still doesn’t prevent the uncertainty that lies in future generations such as the case here with the king’s kin. Love your poetry, its expression and how you convey ideas is riveting. 😀

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    1. Thanks Lucy. I tend to think the style I write in is a product of what some would call damage. Years ago, most of what I had written was not very good. It was only after not writing for 10 years that I felt that I had acquired the baggage I needed to be able to phrase things the way I wanted. I am actually trying to relearn and add to my poetic style at the moment as I am sure that I could do better. Thanks again for reading.


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