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They Have to Paint You as Evil

Propaganda tries to force a doctrine on the whole people… Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea. – Adolf Hitler Mien Kampf (1929)

Once a plan as insidious as Hitler’s became a reality, the world would never need to see the rise of one single individual to power to see such evil enacted upon it again. Here on the shores of this great country where the first amendment protects speech, you would not expect for the rise of such ideas to have occurred here. Nevertheless, we have seen the rise of these ideas in this country within the last decade.  Where does this have its roots?  The colleges across America are Hitler’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, and there is no need for Hitler or Goebbels to be at the head of the operation.

The problem goes deeper in today’s American society, but before we can go on we first have to go backwards. That is, how did this problem start within Universities? I only ask this question because the answer is meaningless; it no longer matters because it has happened. Call it a push towards equality (be it gender, race, etc.) that went too far or a conspiracy to push such ideas–it doesn’t matter and the end result is the same.

We now live under the new regime of Public Enlightenment and the Ministry is no longer the one dispensing the propaganda. The goal of the Ministry to have the message communicated through art, music, theater, films, books, radio, educational materials and the press have been achieved in-so-well to establish the very types of divides within a people again. As such, the universities participation within this also no longer matters, because the ball is already rolling within the student populous. The problem is no-longer exclusive to universities. It has itself seeped out into every facet of American life. From k-12 to universities, to city council meetings, to within the workplace, to online games, to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and the whole internet. It is 1933 all over again.

To be clear we are talking about the rise of an attitude that seeks to silence free speech from any view point that is different from their own point of view. We are talking about difference between having an open debate about something like systemic racism and saying that a certain people cannot and are not allowed to have a voice within the topic. Even though there is nothing racist in that last sentence I already know that many will claim that as racist regardless. This is the very keystone of the problem; one simply is not allowed to place themselves into such thought while not being on the inside without being called a bigot. I harbor no ill will or feelings of hated or intolerance, yet, almost as if religion I cannot question facets of an argument without being called such things. This is the same for conversations involving LGBT as to issues involving transgendered within sports. They simply cannot be discussed without automatically being called a bigot and slandered while being met with a complete lack of interest in hearing your thoughts on the matter since you are an outsider and obviously a bigot for even daring to speech regardless of your thoughts on the subject. This attitude of unwillingness to have rational discourse is beginning of what will likely be the death of what actually makes America free. Say to a Nazi today that he cannot speak, and you might find yourself unable to speak tomorrow. The foundation of freedom within this country is that, although Nazi’s might be deplorable, we believe in your ability to filter out the good ideas from the bad. Once an idea like those of 1930’s era Germany begins to take hold, and you are not allowed to criticize the Ministry, restoring what America has held as true and valuable will be very hard.  

Now, Issues like race, sex, etc. are only the beginning of the problem. We are now seeing censorship on a large scale across virtually all of the internet on a vast array of topics. This censorship is being presented as to protect people or to create a safe-space. Covid-19 and the fact checking with opinions rather than facts is just one of many glaring examples. This is the beginning of what it is to create people who can be seen by another group as less than: they have to paint you as evil.     

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