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11 Years ago while hiking the AT

The man, the poet, and sometimes the fool.

I was never the type to write poetry growing up, but that all changed when I hurt myself and had a hard time getting the thoughts I had out of my head they way I wanted them to come out. I had rode Motocross and FMX and was an Adrenalin Junkie and this first love of mine led me to my second love, poetry. Having a brain injury is scary, I mean for me it was unimaginable being unable to say what I really wanted. I suffered by myself and did not let anyone see the truth, but I search for something and in my Grandfathers things I found a book by William Butler Yeats. I flipped this book open to a random page, and so it began, my love of verse. After a lot of reading and learning the wounds had went away, but they left a scar that I would never want to part with.

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