About Poetry – Part 2.a

The first thing about sound within a line of poetry, that either is or is not being carried over to the next line of poetry via end-stopping (punctuation or some other method) or enjambment (the way the line is broken and carried over to the next line), is that its most basic building block is that of the syllable.

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Another side of Poetry

Before beginning the second post on great poetry, I want to take the time to talk a little about myself. About ten years ago, slightly more, I made a conscious derision to stop writing, thinking, or doing anything to do with poetry. This was not because I did not want to write it,

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About Poetry – Part 1

I want to give some background to the power a poetry, in this case a sonnet, can contain with in it. First, we will have to break down what a sonnet is. A sonnet comes in one of four primary versions. Each of these contain a different rhyming structure, which I will later post a blog about, but all sonnets traditional will have 14 lines of what is called iambic pentameter.

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